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SMART Landscape issue

I have set the SMART toolkit in order to work with ARcore. This was working fine upto the previous build. In this build i did not change anything, but the tracking seems to be broken. Please see the attached video:

This is built upon the existing Instant Tracking Samples. The button at the bottom is replacement is replacement of the Initialize button in the samples. As soon as the button is pressed, the tracking is skewed!

Also, when selecting the augmentation to show, the tracking seems to break! The grid on screen behaves as if the orientation was portrait (I guess).

Any insights?


Actually, I just noticed, upon pressing the Initialise button - The grid mode changes to orthographic. Although, pressing the reset button puts the grid back to perspective mode. I am using the latest version of the Unity SDK.

Another note: This is happening across multiple devices that support ARCore.


We couldn't reproduce this here. Can you please check if this is also happening with the example project provided?

Thank you,

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