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GROUP_NOT_FOUND when starting CloudRecognition

1) Create an Image Project in Wikitude Studio using a Trial License.

2) Add 2 images and enter Metadata (what I want to test).

3) Publish the project to the cloud. This provides 3 pieces of info.

a) client token (Note that this matches the token for Europe when I go to the License manager and get the Cloud Recognition keys for EU and US).

b) Target collection ID.

c) Group ID.

Using the 04_CloudRecognition_3_UsingMetainformationInTheResponse tutorial as an example (which works fine with the example tokens), I update the call with the values provided from W Studio.

1) If I try with the European key, I get an error that the token is not valid (even though that's the key it shows me W Studio).

2) If I try with the US key, I get GROUP_NOT_FOUND and that the group id is invalid.

It's like my account is only good in the US, but it's creating my Cloud repository in the Europe location.?.

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The Client Tokens for EU should also work for your account and be active.

Could you send the token and id's over over via email to forum [at], so we can check it on our end?

As US and EU are 2 seperate instances, this could only happen if you would use e.g. the EU Studio frontend to create the collections and in the app connect to the US instances  (or vice verca)-> could you also check that for the creation in STudio and for the either EU or US is used.

Thx and greetings


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