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Stiking an object to ground and walk around it

 I'm trying to place an object on the virtual plane by wikitude and I want that object not to move similar to real life objects, so that, I can walk around it and see it's different sides. By I notice it's moving unlike sticking static to ground. Any how-to-do tutorial would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Sandeep,

Your request sounds like something that you can realize with our Instant (markerless) Tracking feature. Did you try this. If not,

the best way to start is to check out the sample app which comes with the SDK download package together with the respective documentation section.

Each section includes a set-up guide, which helps you set up your project.



Hi Nicola,

I have seen that documentation and used that app. I have ran into some issues like when I am trying to replace the model chair with my custom model, it won't scale and there is a problem with it's orientation as the plane passes through center of object instead of ground level. It looses tracking or moving somewhat when I try to look that object from left or right angles. A step-by-step guide to achieve my target would be highly appreciated.

Thank you

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