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Publish multiple projects


I work on "wikitude studio" and I have some questions :

-how many free project can I create ?

-if i publish one, I have to pay 49€/month. If i want to publish an other one in the same time, should I pay 49€/month also ?

Thank you and great job ! It's an amazing app.

-and for external users, once the project is published on the wikitude app, they will only need the wikitude app to view the project?

Hi Allison,

With the Studio Editor and the 49€ monthly subscription for publishing to the Wikitude app, there is a storage limit of 100GB -> but it doesn't matter how many projects you wish to publish to the Wikitude app.

Yes, end users will have to have the Wikitude app installed and need to know your project code / name, as they actively need to choose and open your project.



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