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GPS Tracking - POIs slide off to incorrect position after movement

So I'm testing to see if the GPS solution will work for me. I've taken the SDK examples apk and I'm launching a modified version of the Multiple POI example  from a URL. I've tested this side by side with an iOS version of the app, in which everything seems to be ok.

Here's a video showing the POIs sliding after movement. Please ignore the 3D object of a stage that's not positioned properly!

If I go to Google maps and spin around and watch the cone that indicates which direction I'm facing in it behaves as it should do. So this suggests there's something at the Wikitude SDK level that's doing this.

Attached is the js file I'm using. 

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FYI: Tested on a Google Pixel running latest OS, and a Nexus 5 running 6.0.1. Both display the same issue. The same issue also shows in the 'Add radar' example in the SDK examples app.

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