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Wikitude cameras do not track CloudTracker ( Unity3D ) _2

I do not get the answer correctly, so I upload it again.

I am currently trying to use the cloud service.

But there is a problem.

Wikitude cameras do not look at the objects they receive from the repository when they are recognized.

The sample changes the camera's position to WikitudeEye.

So it looks good on GameScene. A WikitudeEye object

To make it look like the same environment in my project, I've created a cube instead of WikitudeEye.

But the cube is not visible, and the location of the camera is not changed to CloudTracker.

< Take a screenshot. >

1 is the location of WikitudeCamera when recognized

2 is the image object we put in the cloud repository.

I think you can see that it is completely different from the sample.

What I want to know is that when the StartContinuousRecognition method is complete

How do I get WikitudeCamera to look at CloudTracker, and I want to know if the cube will appear in GameScene.

I do not have much information on this, so I post a question on the forum.

I have to write Wikitude. I'll wait for a good answer. 


(2.88 MB)
(2.64 MB)
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Which version of the Wikitude SDK and of Unity are you using?

Without the project, I cannot say exactly what is wrong. Can you please try to create a prefab with the cube, making sure that the cube is at position (0, 0, 0) and assign the prefab to the Drawable field in the ImageTrackable inspector?

Thank you,


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