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Inject custom location Android


I would like to know exactly how I can replace the user location provided by Wikitude by my own coordinates, calculated with an external API. I searched on this forum and I found that I need to use  setUseInjectedLocation(true) and then injectLocationWithLatitude:longitude:altitude:accuracy , but I don´t know exactly how to use those methods on Java. 

Can you provide an example explaining what i should do on and  on file.js?


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Hi Alexandre,

We don't offer a specific sample for this functionality and therefor don't have any .java or .js classes to explain this in detail. As this is bevaviour - injecting fixed location data on Android / iOS - is not something Wikitude specific, so you could also see if you find further details on Android / iOS forums. And additionally try things out with the sample app and the documentation.



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