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Texture missing on device

Hi there, I have a wt3 file uploaded on the online studio editor and it looks perfect, but when I preview it on the device I can see only a dark shadow of my 3d object. Apparently, the texture is missing yet there's no error detected. Any advice?

Hi Molta,

Did you make sure to follow the steps in the 3D asset workflow documentation - especially the topics around the textures? Does the model look as expected in the 3D Encoder? If so, can you please send the original .fbx file and the .wt3 file?

PS: I removed your second thread that deals with the same topic.

Thx and greetings


Hello Nicola,

thanks for your answer. Please find attached the original files.

wt3 looks OK in the 3d Encoder.

Thanks for your help!

(173 KB)
(107 KB)


I checked the file also in the .fbx Viewer and it looks like the texture is also missing there. If in doubt, please always check the file in the .fbx Viewer before encoding it. You can find further details to this topic also in this thread:

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

Thanks, just checked and it seems that it has no texture indeed. I have purchased that file and I have different version of it. I'm not a technician, I don't have Maya, Blender, Autodesk or any program to properly encode it (I have wikitude encoder and autodesk fbx converter UI, that I used to generate the wt3 file) and I don't know how to solve it, so I am asking your help. I attached all the version of it. Could you please tell me if any of these file can work on my project and if there is a way to encode them properly?

Many thanks

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could you post the link you purchased this asset from? I checked the resulting WT3 file and it does not reference a texture, meaning that the input FBX file did not reference a texture either. So for this object to be textured you would need to edit in a 3D modelling tool (Blender is free and quite powerful) and also get a texture as well.

Unless there is a texture included in your 3D model purchase and a version of the model that references the texture, there is nothing to be done on our side, I'm afraid, since the encoder seems to me to be behaving correctly.

- Daniel

Small amendment:

I don't understand how this asset can work in Studio. Do you have a screenshot of that?

- Daniel

Hi Daniel,

thanks for your answer. This is the link of the asset

Attached the screenshots of the asset in studio. I'm trying to download Blender. I'll let you know if it works! 

Many thanks,


Hi again,

this link is of your order, which I cannot access, but I'm assuming we're talking about this asset, which does indeed not come with textures.

Having seen your screenshots, things start to make more sense. The rendering in Studio is not actually textured either, but it's shaded, meaning there is a light source. The WT3 file you provided earlier does not contain a light source, so I'm assuming the FBX file does not contain one either. However, the SDK should assume a default light in the absence of any other light sources, which is what Studio seems to be doing.

Have you used this 3D model with the SDK on a actual device as well, or just the 3D encoder? It being completely black should not happen for this asset.

- Daniel

Hi Daniel,

yes it is that file. I just used the 3d encoder. Attached you will find the .blend opened with blender and texture seems perfect. What should I do in order to use it also in Studio?

Many thanks again

p.s: Purchased file came with a .mtl file as well. I'm absolutely not an expert, but I think that the texture could be in there.

Please, see it attached.

(242 Bytes)


the Blender rendering look much better than it will ever look in the Wikitude SDK, simply because it uses an off-line renderer that produces visually great images while being slow (not real-time). I don't think it's textured either.

I'm pretty sure the SDK will assume a default light and your 3D model will look very similar to what it looks in Studio. I'm afraid this is one instance where the 3D encoder behaves differently that the SDK itself.

So I'd like you to just use the WT3 you have in your actual app, on an actual phone and see what it looks like. I'm assuming, as I've said, that it will look very similar to what it looks like in Studio.

- Daniel

Could be, I'm not familiar with the contents of MTL files. On the other hand, the store page of your asset explicitly indicates that it's not textured.

The MTL file is a material file that belongs to the OBJ file, which is a format we cannot take an an input. We only accept FBX.

- Daniel

Thanks Daniel,

If I use it with the phone, it is a big dark shadow. If you can suggest a way to see it white, it would be great. As I said, I am not a developer or a 3d master, so I don't know how to manage. attached please find the screenshot on my (android) device.

Do you think that if I use it with SDK things will be better?

Ouch! Yes indeed, texture is missing. So my wish is to put a cloud in front of a painting. 

Do you maybe know where I can find a cloud that I can actually use for this purpose?

Thanks again!

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