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[Unity][Continuous Cloud Recognition] Error 8001 Target Id Not Found

Hi @all,

I try to implement the wikitude sdk on a POC Unity Project with continuous cloud recognition (as a free trial).

I always reach this error :

Error initializing cloud connection!

        Error Code: 8001

        Error Domain: com.wikitude.cloud_recognition_service

        Error Message: CloudTracker could not initialize target collection '<value that i get when I go to my project page from dev console in studio />' with client token '<value from my account or my license page />'. -- Underlaying error: 404 - TARGET_COLLECTION_NOT_FOUND. The specified ID does not refer to a target collection. The TargetCollection could not be found.Causes: -- cause 0 - tcId: <value that i get when I go to my project page from dev console in studio /> -- See for more information.

I correctly filled the group id (from my account page) and the license key (from my free trial license page)

Please do you have some support ? (it's the default scene about continuous cloud recognition that I filled with all the right values)



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Hi Mathieu,

Can you please send the following to forum [at]

- your Client Token

- your TargetCollection id

Did you make sure that the targetcollection is generated before using it? Also, is the SDK Cloud sample working (if you use the tokens/id's of the Cloud sample in your app)?

Thx and greetings


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