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Black Screen on Android Device and Unity Camera Preview

Hello , 

I am following v=QKiHWAX0sKo&list=PL3839D3D62346FD1D tutorial. I have done all the things except that tutorial is for IOS and i have selected my deployment environment as Android.

So whenever i try to get a camera preview or try to deploy and open my application i get blank(black) screen on my device. I have checked various other related posts in the forum and toggled my multithreaded rendering as well as i have tried both mono and IL2CPP options but it is of no help. 

There are some errors in the console though. I have attached them.

My system details are :

 Unity 2018.3.5f1 

Wikitude Unity SDK 8.2.0-8.1.0

Android SDK 9.0

My Phone details are :

Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Android 8.1.0

Please suggest me what should be the issue here.

(66.8 KB)
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same Issue here :/

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