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What rendering engine can be used with Wikitude Native api ?

Recently I am building an AR android project and I am looking for 3D model rendering engine for my Wikitude app. It already can recognize my image target.

Now I am trying to add a model viewer from github ( I add the viewer library into my Wikitude app. However I am stuck in modifying GLSurfaceView.

I also had a look on Rajawali 3D Framework.

I am not sure if they are compatible with Wikitude. Is anyone doing something similar and could be please kindly give some advice?


Do you have special requirements, so that you can't work with the JS API or e.g. the Untiy Plugin, which already offer 3D rendering?

Thx and greetings


Hi there,

I just want to be more flexible in building models.

and now I successfully display the model wireframe. Could someone tell me how to add the textures on?



you can use any rendering engine/library that is based on OpenGLES for both iOS and Android or Metal for iOS. There is no other compatibility issues that I'm aware of.

You'll simply need to render using the view matrix we provide. How you do the actual rendering is completely up to you in the native SDK.

- Daniel

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