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it is possible to use instant tracker combine with GoogleVR

Wikitude SDK:  8.1

SDK working with: Unity

Unity version: Version 2018.2.5

OS Version and device model: Oppo R9s, Android 6.0.1

This is happen with own app, using sample app as a blueprint.

Problem:  It is possible to use instant tracker combine with GoogleVR? Because now  i face some problem is after i plugin the GoogleVR and SLAM, i build it and run on my phone, the VR part and rear camera no problem but the grid renderer cannot fix on the  position after i initialized. I move my phone the grid renderer also move together. When i exclude the GoogleVR,  the grid renderer working on my phone.


i juzt put the googleVR sdk on to the project and it is work in the screen but instant tracking's grid dont work on the screen same like the video, and i am using the wikitudecamera inside the project. When i remove the googleVR sdk the grid will work


We don't officially support GoogleVR, but in theory it should work. Do you use an input plugin to pass the camera to the SDK, or do you use the WikitudeCamera.CameraTexture to get the camera from the SDK and render it to the screen? How is the InstantTracker initialized? 

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