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Unity crashes upon object recognition

I've recently picked up Wikitude to make an AR app, and I've run into a roadblock I can't solve.

I'm using Wikitude SDK 8.2.0 with Unity 2018.3.4f1 (64-bit) and I'm trying to make an Android app for my Samsung A7 2017.

The problem is that when I scan my object (I'm using a Pikachu toy, if that's helpful), Unity freezes and crashes. It starts just fine and connects to Unity Remote 5 perfectly well, but as soon as it detects my Pikachu, Unity freezes up and crashes, giving no explanations or crash reports that I can find.

Multithreaded Rendering is off and it crashes with Camera2 API enabled as well.

I'm not sure whether this information is important in anyway, but I made the WTO file for my Pikachu using a video and the SDK 7 version of Wikitude Studio (the pictures were really buggy).

If anyone knows what's wrong or, more importantly, how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, does anyone know what the FOV of a Galaxy A7 2017 is? I can't find this information online at all.

Hi Karim

thanks for posting your feedback. Without more detailed information on your crash, it is hard to pin-point the root-cause. However, using video-based recording might be a good candidate for that. We highly recommend to stick with image-based recording for creating a wto file, as it consistently delivered better results. Would it be possible that you share your images with us, so we can have a look as well?

horizontal FoV for the rear camera when using the 4608x3456 resolution should be around 67.38° 




Thanks for that! Perhaps FOV was the problem when making the WTO files. Strangely, I found that if I uploaded more than 5 images, Wikitude Studio would crash, but here are all ten (I want to recognize the front of the Pikachu)

Two of them didn't upload for whatever reason. Here they are, as well as the .wto file I could generate (it is not good).


Hello support team! I've been working on the problem a little and would like to give you some new information in case it helps.

First off, I've changed out those 10 old pictures with 18 new ones from different sides and angles. I have been able to successfully create a .wto file that looks pretty good (but I can only add 5 images to Wikitude Studio or else it crashes).

The other thing you need to know is that Unity is not successfully detecting my Pikachu. I've chalked it up to three possibilities:

1. The .wto file is of poor quality and Unity can't use it to detect the Pikachu (unlikely as it's detected Pikachu with worse .wto's)

2. Unity is failing to draw the object.

3. Unity is drawing the object INSIDE the Pikachu (unlikely as I tested it with different items and all the time they did not appear)

In case it's helpful, I've been trying to cause a cartoon dinosaur to appear somewhere near Pikachu just for testing purposes. I've also used the Wikitude eyeball with equally little success.

The images and .wto file are attached, in case it helps.

I have to upload the images in several batches, here's the second

This is the final batch of pictures as well as the .wto file. Thanks in advance, support team!

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