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Wikitude licence key not working with Cordova

I bought a Wikitude SDK key when it was version 8.0 and now its not working with Cordova 8.0. I downloaded the later version of Cordova to match my key and swapped the files from the "plugins" folder with the files downloaded and that didn't work. It seems like the key is not working in that directory but works in the "platform_www" but not with the paid key.


Are you working with Ionic? If so, did you check with Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis? What issues do you have with the paid key? What logoutput do you get?

Thx and greetings


I am not currently working with Ionic but when I was I did email Philip and I haven’t gotten a response . But I am working strictly with Cordova and I have a 8.0.0 Licence which I am trying to work with Cordova. I downloaded an older Cordova SDK 8.0 and it still doesn’t work. I swapped the files in the plugin section but I don’t think it uses the plugin section for the key but in “platform_www”.


Cordova has a habit of creating redundancies by wildly copying files into multiple places. My guess is, that you simply happened to pick the wrong WikitudePlugin.js file to add your license key to. For now, I recommend you simply search for all of them using you file explorer and change the key in all of them. If that works, you should be able to figure out which file the correct one is.

- Daniel


I researched this problem and saw this was on of the solutions. I tried it and that didn't work as well. Any other solution I can try?

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