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Instant Tracking with older Android device freezes

Dear all,

I am trying to develop an app using Instant tracking more precisely like the sample Scene picking Wikitude provides. I tried to build and run the sample app on it's own without any modifications and the app starts well but once i select "Start Tracking", the app freezes and I need to force close it. This works fine when i run it remotely on Unity using Unity Remote. I can even touch on the screen to place the Sphere augmentation in the sample.

As far as I know, Instant Tracking is supposed to work even on older Android versions (Marshmallow) except that it uses Wikitude AR Engine instead of ARKit or ARCore. 

Can anyone help please ?

Unity version : Unity 2018.2.18f1

Wikitude version : 8.2

Mobile used : Samsung SM-G532F Android 6.0.1

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The device needs to have either a compass or a gyro for Instant Tracking to work, and this device doesn't seem to have either.

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