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License Key Incorrect after first compilaton (Unity Android)

I am currently using a Trial Key and trying to test out the Object Recognition within Unity for Android Devices (testing on Samsung S8). I have basically just recreated the ObjectTracking Example without the extra applayout components.

I copied the LicenseKey into the WikitudeCamera Script section and deployed to my Android phone since i could seem to be Tracking my object i assumed my .wto pointcloud was not good enough so i made some new images created a new target and tried again. After this point all app versions just told me that the License Key was incorrect. (i checked the key char by char, it is not incorrect)

Any Ideas how I can fix this.

best regards


Hi Patrick,

Are you working with a commercial key? If so can you please send me the INV number so I can check the key? Also please make sure that if you work with a commercial key, that we generated for you, that the Android package id is matching the one that you provided for the license key generation.

If you're working with the trial key, there shouldn't be any issues, as the key is valid for any Android package id. 

Thx and greetings


As i stated above i am currently using a trial key. And as you stated there shouldn't be an issue but there is.
any further assistance would be appreciated


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