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Scale content to the size of the cloud target

Good Morning,
I'm trying to make a picture (content) on 2 different targets. One target has dimensions of 3200x2000px, the other target is 1200x800px. I tried to calculate a scaling factor by dividing the height of the target by the height of the content image (500x500px). However, this does not lead to a real result. Can anyone explain how I can scale my content 1 to 1 to the image target? Incidentally, the targets are loaded via a cloud.
Many Thanks...

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Agreed. We are looking at Wikitude for video overlays and it was VERY difficult to make the content match up with the target in Studio. The idea is to use a still frame from a video as the target and then run the video on top so it looks like the photo is coming to life. Both the scaling tools in studio and the border around video augments is making it nearly impossible to line them up. Would love to have a way to match the size of the overlay to the target and center align them when an exact match is needed. 

@Johannes: A height of the image augmentation of 1 matches the height of your image target. Find more information to this topic in the documentation.

@Justin: in studio it works a bit different, since the height value in the background is a different one. However, we are aware of the fact that it is difficult to align videos in Studio accordingly and try to make it easier in a future release.

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