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Object augmentation limitations


It is not clear to me what are the limitations of the object tracking at the moment. In the documentation says “an ObjectTracker can only recognize and track a single object at a time”. My questions are:


1) Is there a limit on the amount of ObjectTrackers you can add to a scene? Can you have several ObjectTrackers in a scene each of them recognizing a single object? For example, can you have a scene with 3 objects that can be tracked independently (one at a time)?

2) Can these 3 objects be tracked simultaneously (the 3 objects visible in the camera at the same time and showing augmentations)?

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Here are some details to your questions:

1) yes you can add several Objects to your ObjectTracker (.wto file) within Studio. You can then recognize these objects one at a time. Details on how to create the Object Targets can be found here.

2) We currently don't support simultaneous tracking for objects. So only one object will be recognized and tracked at a time.

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