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Video Size

Even with the recommended settings, my video is at 47mb.  When I drop the settings so low, it's under 10mb, it's unwatchable.

The studio will not allow me to upload larger than 10mb.

How do you solve for this?

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Hi Matthew,

Currently the limit is 10MB for the videos. Videos with a higher file size can only be used with the SDK directly - if you implement the AR experience by e.g. using HTML technologies. But in general we don't recommend to have a video larger than 10MB anyway, as this might have performance implications on lower performance devices.

You could e.g. also just have a teaser video in the AR view and then link to comple high res video which is e.g. on Youtube. This way the users also don't have to stand still and scan the image / object for watching the complete video.

Thx and greetings


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