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After uploading the same images, different wto objects after the processes at Wikitude Studio


Each time we upload the same images, we get a different wto object after the process at your side. Here is the link of the images we use for target object creation.


Password: 1q2w3e4r



An other point is that sometimes the faces of the 3D object are mixed with other faces of the same 3D object(for example front face of the object seems to be extended with left or right face of the object) when we open the wto object in the wikitude studio, and some faces are rotated 90 degrees.


The wto objects are under user account:


2901_vnd210_3  is the Project name.




vnd210_2  are the object target names.

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Please do not post the same questions in different forum posts, as this will slow down our support process. As this question is also asked in the following forum post I will close this one.

Thx for your understanding

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