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Multi target and exteded tracking

Hi Team,

I'd like to know if the (Native Android) SDK can perform extended tracking on multi target; i.e. if the camera see two or more target is it possible to show extended tracking in both recognized images?

I am able to show the extended tracking on one target at a time and calling stopExtendedTracking() method I can see extended tracking on the other target but always one at a time. Can I show extended tracking for both?

I'm using SDK version 8.2.0.

Thanks in advance for your support.



Currently extended tracking is only supporting the recognition of one target at a time. Can you please provide further details on your use case, so maybe we find a different approach / setup that works for you.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

I imagine a scenario like this:

- a target represents some hydraulic pipes and I show extended tracking for this type of pipe

- another target represents electrical cables and I show extended tracking for this type of cable

If the two targets are close together and they are in the camera view, I'd like to show the extended tracking for both.

What do you think about this scenario?


Thx for the clarification. As mentioned we currently unfortunately don't support this feature out of the box in our SDK. Is there a way to solve this on UI side - e.g. explain to the user to point the camera to a certain area (e.g. the pipes) as close as possible so that only one image can / will be scanned? 

Or if the 2 have the same distance, create a target that includes both areas in one?

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola.

My first question were to understand if it was possible.

Thanks for your quick answers and your suggestions.


multiple image targets is not working in current version 

my version is 9-12 what is the problem

I thought the problem had been solved???

the backrooms

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