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wikitude- object target

can i make different .wto file and integrate into unity and make different trakable for each .wto file? if yes then how do i do it? 


Yes you can use your own .wto file and include up to 10 objects in a .wto for recognizing up to 10 objects. We don't have a specific sample which recognizes multiple objects in a .wto file, but you can refer to the Image Recognition samples which recognize different target images - the concept is the same.



Hi Nicola, 

I'm also trying to detect different objects with one single .wto file, based on the following documentation:

Unfortunately, the Object Detection doesn't seem to work exactly like the Image Detection: there is no ObjectTarget class in your API documentation ( ).

I can't figure out a way to access an objectTarget's name when it's detected (to differentiate which object from the target collection has been detected and thus display something different for each object of the collection).

Thanks in advance for your help,



I actually figured it out on my own: there is a slight difference between onObjectRecognized and onImageRecognized. "onImageRecognized()" will have an ImageTarget as the payload (from which you can retrieve the targetName), whereas "onObjectRecognized()" directly has the targetName as the payload. Why the difference between these 2 modes ?


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