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Blank White Screen

I am using the Single Image Recognition Example, I have added the cordova plugins Camera, Media and Media capture and installed the 

cordova plugin add plugin.

During the build i get no errors, and i have also added my trial key to the WikitudePlugin.js page

However when i open the app i get a white blank screen as if the example is not activating the camera.


Did you make sure to follow the instructions in the documentation and that all permissions are set as expected. Also does this forum post help:

Thx and greetings


So basically i followed that link you sent me as i found that yesterday, I installed the plugin and then copied the files from the WikitudeSDK in to my www folder and added my trial key, but i can't find anything i haven't done.

Do i need to make changes or do more than just copy the example for the simple image recognition in to my folder, i couldn't find anything about permissions?



Hi Lee,

have you tried using the script to setup the sample app? I'd recommend using that first and making sure that works for you before trying to set up your own app.

I'm referring to the steps outlined in this section:

- Daniel

Thank you, i managed to get the example working, and so now i will just work on my own code to get it to do what i want it to do, 

Thank you for  your help

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