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64 bit android support

We're using version 7.2 of the cordova plugin and I can see is present in lib/arm64-v8a and x86 folders but not x86_64

Should there be a copy of in the x86_64 folder in order to comply with Googles 64 bit application requirement? 

Hi Liam,

we're currently not providing libraries specifically for the x86_64 architecture. But, rest assured, we will provide all the necessary libraries for you to keep submitting your app to the play store.

- Daniel

Thanks Daniel, 

Could you clarify if the x86_64 libraries are not required or they are required and will be available in an update before August? 


as far as I understand, you should be able to use the x86 libraries on an x86_64 processor (there are very few of those in Android devices), so they are currently not required. Should they be required by the Google Play Store policy change in August, we will add them well before the actual deadline.

- Daniel


as you can see in the screenshot below, the x86_64 is missing. Now you state that this was not necessary at the time.

Reading here:

It says "The first thing to do is ensure that you have native libraries in both of these folders" with both referring to x86 and x86_64.

Do you provide that library somewhere? As we bought a full version that is not eligible for updates I would require that to confirm to android's expectations.




since the Android market currently only contains a tiny number of Intel based devices, we decided to drop support x86 a while back.

- Daniel 

Thanks for you answer.
Can we remove that manually or do we need a latest version of your sdk?

You can remove that manually. The Android SDK ships with separate library files for each architecture. Just delete the x86 variant and change the build files that are offended by this operation accordingly.

- Daniel

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How to pass data from java to javascript?

I don't see how this has anything to do with the 64-bit topic, but here you go: 

callJavascript docs

I encourage you to use the search function, as I'm sure this question has been answered previously, many times probably.

- Daniel


Trouble is that the emulators use an x86 image. How would you exactly recommend to remove the x86?
Using ndk.abiFilters in gradle?

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