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Unity Live Preview on PC is not working (Unity 2018.3.0f2, Wikitude 8.2)



I just removed the default camera and added wikitude camera. When click on Live preview, its showing blank. Please let me know how to address this issue.



I'm using Window 10, but the build setting are for PC.






Did you also add a tracker (image, object, instant) to the scene?

Which Live Preview Mode are you using? For Web Cam mode, you need an external camera connected to the PC. For Remote Camera you need an Android device with Unity Remote connected to the editor.

Are there any errors in the console?

Also, which version of the Wikitude SDK and of Unity are you using?

Thank you,

We're having rendering issues with anything past 2018.1, 2018.2 produces a cropped video image, and 2018.3 produces a black image.

waiting for support for the LWRP in unity >2018.1
the C# support gets shotty in ios with <2018.3, so really hoping for upgrades soon.

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