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Unity iOS ARKit camera visual artifacts

 Hello Wikitude and community!

Love the product, you've got a great setup for supporting old devices and newer ones that actually have access to Core/Kit.

In testing this setup, I've built your latest Unity sample onto two iPads, a newer MR6N2B/A and an older MD789B/A.

On the older MD789B/A (Apple iPad Air 1 / 12.1.1), everything works as expected with instant tracking. It fallbacks to your inbuilt system and works as well as the camera allows.

Now on the newer MR6N2B/A (iPad 9.7-inch / 12.1.1), we have access to ARKit and so the instant tracking sample uses device assisted tracking. This tracks fine, very well in fact. Allowing for movement around a large area with bad lighting with good tracking.

The camera feed however, looks like the below:

The tracking is working fine, it's just the visual feed. In other samples that do not use ARkit such as marker tracking, the camera feed appears fine, therefore the asumption is that it has something to do with the use of ARKit.

-I've followed the Unity iOS build instructions, the build is fine with no clear errors in the debugger.

-I have not entered a licence key in at any point and have no alterted the samples in any way.

Would really love to start using your product, please let me know if I'm missing a step or can provide further information.

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After a bit more investigation, I've found it to be the "Smart Tracking" feature being enabled to specifically be the cause of the visual feed errors. I'll have a look today to see if I can find any combination of enabled features to remove the issue otherwise.


There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your setup and we have similar reports of issues on this version of the iPad when using ARKit. As mentioned in the other thread, it would help us if you could run the Native SDK for iOS sample project, to check where the problem is coming from.

Thank you,


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