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Android - Simple Image Tracking

Hi guys,

we are using your Native SDK Example App to do image recognition. We have to recognize multicolor physical circular images, stitched fabric, roughly 1-inch in diameter.

Right now we are testing on the current environment: 

  • Samsung Note 9 running Android OS v8.1 (with all updates installed, all google components updated)
  • Wikitude SDK v8.2.0
  • ARCore v1.6.0

On the SimpleImageTrackingActivity class we configure the NativeStartupConfiguration class with the following params:


NativeStartupConfiguration startupConfiguration = new NativeStartupConfiguration();


In the console we have plenty target images uploaded with several backgrounds colors.

Within your sample app we trying to do Simple Image Tracking to scan our real images, but on the android device we are facing some issues: scanning is slow and inaccurate. We found if we scan images from displays, the recognition works very fast.

On the other side using the iOS sample app, the same images are scanned super fast and without any issues.

Please let us know if we need to provide any further information.


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Can you please provide us with the target images you're trying to recognize?

Also did you check if the scanning is working as expected in the Native SDK sample app?

Thx and greetings


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