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3D Model Materials/Textures

Hi there,

I've been working on trying to get a 3D model loaded into my Wikitude application. The model loads correctly in the FBX viewer, however, once it's encoded it loses some of the textures? 

I know it's more to do with 3D modelling and not Wikitude per say, but it would be super helpful if there was a comprehensive guide on working with 3D models/blender and exporting correctly to FBX ect. 


(254 KB)

What are some skills that you need to be successful with this technology? as am doing freelance work for Video animation company as junior animator do you think i can further take it as my career


Depending on which of our SDK versions you're working with (Unity, JS based,...) you'll need the skills in e.g. Unity development, Javascript, Native Android and / or iOS.



I don't know what 3D software you are using, you did'nt tell us anything about it. So i’ll tell you the steps to do that in blender.

You need to apply materials to the vertices you want, for eg. You are designing interior of a house, then you'll need the floor to be shiny, create the material for it, and then you want the walls to be a diffuse material, for that create another material. Then follow the below instructions.

  1. Go into edit mode
  2. Select the materials tab
  3. Select the shiny material you created for the floor.
  4. Select all the vertices of the floor.
  5. Then click on Apply, to apply the selected material to the vertices.
  6. Do the same for the walls, but this time be sure to select another material, in our case that diffuse material.

This way you can apply different materials to your mesh, i hope that helps and sorry for not providing any screenshots of the steps. 

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