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startvideoplayer : exit the AR view when the user close (Xamarin IOS)

Hello everyone,

Facing this issue and can't find a way out...

How to reproduce:

- take the code given here

for IOS

- open a video in the AR scene with startvideoplayer

- touch the close button of the native player

- the AR view exit and the user is taken back to the previous page

Any help with this issue would be much appreciated,

Kind regards,


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I solved the issue, which was not related to Wikitude.

Explaining the issue and the fix if someone on this forum face it later on

When the native player is opened, it overlays your app (you don't say). For some reason, on iOS only closing the player will call 'OnAppearing' in your current root page. I was resetting my MasterDetail layout in OnAppearing in my root page, thus basically resetting my UX everytime the native video player was closed on iOS.

I just ensured that my MasterDetail is set once per instance only and not on OnAppearing.

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