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POI location java script library in iOS (iPhone6)

I am facing some problem related to wikitude SDK for POI location java script library in iOS

When I have run code for iOS Like that:

 self.architectView = WTArchitectView()

 self.architectView.frame = self.view.frame

 self.architectView.delegate = self



guard let url = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "index", withExtension: "html", subdirectory: "ARchitectExamples/10_BrowsingPois_3_LimitingRange") else {



self.architectView.loadArchitectWorld(from: url)

self.architectView.start({ (configuration) in

}) { (isRunnung, error) in


self.architectView.callJavaScript("World.loadPoisFromJsonData([{\"id\":\"1\",\"longitude\":\"75.879770\",\"latitude\":\"22.681473\",\"description\":\"Davv Takshila Parisar Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001\",\"name\":\"IET DAVV\"}])")

when I have call multiple time its getting overlapping POI. How can I remove same multiple POI or how can I load data for POI we can not display overlapping POI. and some time app freeze. 

getting issue for overlapping POI 

- Wikitude SDK(8.2.0)
- iOS java script SDK xcode 9.4


Am I understanding correctly that you have mulitple POIs on exactly the same location - "longitude\":\"75.879770\",\"latitude\":\"22.681473\",?

If this is the case then the reason for this then would be that you call the load with always the same location. Please have a close look on how to handle different locations in the sample app and the according documentation.

If you're referring to different locations - so e.g. you see several POI markers (on different lat/long) coordinates - but they are very close together. If this is case, you can find a lot of forum posts already dealing with how to work with overlapping and POIs and clustering them.



Thanks for answering
One more problem i have generated, When I have load multiple time architectView  some time architectView camera freeze app in iOS (Show camera but freeze camera like camera not working hang app ) . Please let me know what i messing .

Did you debug the issue? Please also make sure you follow closely the lifecycle management part in the documentation and check how this is handled in the sample app.



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