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Title label set radius

Hi Team,

How can I apply "titleLabel" corner radius with border width.  and I need to rounded image corner. how can i apply redius in "markerDrawableIdle"
Please check attach file I need to same like attached file


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You may  use deprecated HTML Drawables and apply CSS rules. This might cause troubles on specific Android/iOS OS versions though. 

Check out the SDK Samples.

Unfortunately, custom radius and border isn't supported for AR.Label or AR.ImageDrawable.

You may define a custom web-service by your own which returns all graphical assets in the desired layout/style,

e.g. (protected) GET endpoints[POI-ID]/label

That way you have everything under full control, able to define any custom style but stick to "Vanilla"/default features of AR.ImageDrawables and AR.Labels. Additionally, you may exchange assets on the server side and optimise them for mobile use.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Andreas Fötschl

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