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Camera Quality and tracking Quality

Hi WikiTude, we have been in trouble with several things: The first thing that we need to upgrade is the video resolution that is being displayed. We have already checked the full hd option on the wikitude camera and we are using the plugin from the Advanced Custom Camera example so we can access the camera feed to send it through a RTC packet, maybe this is affecting the camera quality output. Is there any way that we can upgrade this feature?. And the second thing we need to make better is the tracking Quality. We are using the instantTracking feature but it is not stable enough and when we place the augmented objects they jitter and move specially if we rotate a little bit the camera. They are more stable if we move sideway. We have checked the high accuracy option on the tracker. We have tested it on good and bad targets. Is there anything else we can do so it tracks better?.

Feel free to ask for information in case you need it

Thank you for your attention, Carlos.


As for the video resolution - are you referring to the camera feed or a video that you wish to overlay as augmentation. If you're referring to the camera feed resolution then as mentioned the HD setting is what you're looking for. For the video, the resultion is defined as found here and there is no higher resultion available at the moment.

As for the Instant Tracking feature - are you working with the last SDK? Do you have SMART enabled and still happens on a device that supports ARKit/ARCore? Or is this specific to devices that don't support ARKit / ARCore and therefor not the SMART feature?

Also if the error persist, please send over a video / images of the scenery you're using Instant Tracking in, so we can check if it is suitable.

Thx and greetings


Thanks for your fast answer, 

I was talking about the camera feed resolution. We have the full HD option selected. Because of the fact that we are using the Advanced Camera Plugin i'm wondering if that could be lowering the quality of the camera feed or it doesnt affect at all.

We are working with the lastest SDK for Unity but we dont have SMART enabled because the tablet we test on doesnt support ARCore. We will enable it and try on a device that supports it to check if that helps with tracking. For it to be enabled, do we only have to check the SMART enabled option and in the player settings, check ARCore Supported too?.

Thank you,



Hello i have been doing some testing and i noticed that in the  Advanced Camera Plugin example. the quality of the camera is way worse than in any other example (all with the same settings and  on the same device). So im guessing it is affecting in some way. Could i get a snippet of a plugin for accesing the camera feed?

I can not make SMART to work in either our project or the example project. In our project as soon as wikitude starts the app freezes completely and in the example project only shows "Running with platform assisted tracking support Move your phone around until the target turns green, which is when you can start tracking". I tried to "move around" for some minutes but nothing happens and i can not hit Intialize. 

Do i have to add the ARCore SDK or do i have to target any API level in particular? 

Thank you,



Our SMART documentation provides details on how to make the feature run (e.g. this section:

To enable ARCore with Wikitude follow the instructions in the documentation of ARCore in the section Enable ARCore. )

Thx and greetings


Good morning,

We will do some more tests following the Unity documentation step by step and we will let you know but so far we can not make it work on either the example project or our project.

About the camera feed quality and the  Advanced Camera Plugin lowering the quality of it, do you have any insights what could be going on?


Hi again,

We have been trying to pinpoint the problems and we discovered that the ADvanced Camera Plugin is taking the width as 640 and height as 480 and both are constants. If we changed these values we get the quality of the camera back. 

For the ARCore topic, with the SMART option enabled, it destroys the InstantTracker throwing exceptions all the time. We have already followed the tutorials but we can not make it work. It would be so great if you can help us solve that.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Carlos,

Video quality: In case a custom camera is used, video quality settings of the SDK don't apply anymore because the camera feed is not coming from the SDK anymore. So you're right, you need to change the quality setting in the example camera frame input plugin itself.

Instant tracking: Are you tracking a scene or an image target (Wasn't sure about this based on the recent posts).

Can you maybe share a video or project so that we can try to reproduce the described behavior? Which device are you working with (Model, OS version, ...)

Best regards,
Andreas Schacherbauer

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