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GeoAR in unity sdk 8.2 and Placing an AR object at a defined lati,longi and height


Q1)  Does the Wikitude 8.2 Unity3d SDK supports GeoAR in unity3d project?

i.e the Location based Augmented reality ?

Q2) Is it possible in wikitude 8.2 , to use Geo AR feature and place an object at  a defined location + a defined height ( in meters) ?

example - Effiel Tower and alien spaceship, For eg:- 

Can we set the target location for an augmented reality object as 

(48.8584, 2.2945, 50) i.e (longitude, latitude, height )

where longi, lati specifies the location gps coordinates for Effiel Tower, Paris and the 3rd parameter i.e 50 specifies the "HEIGHT IN METERS"  and once the other user goto effiel tower and he points his device camera towards effiel tower, he could see an alien spaceship flying at a 50 meters height above ground in front of that Effiel tower

Is it possible? If yes, is there any sample code to know how it can be done in Unity3d sdk for wikitude.


Hi Ashish,

SDK 8.2 does not support geoAR within the Unity Plugin. If you wish to work with our geoAR feature, you'd need to work with our JS API or the Cordova / Xamarin extension.

We do have geoAR support for the Unity Plugin on our list, but I can't provide any timeline in which release this will come. Please stay tuned.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola, thanks for the details.

Can you also pls answer this query :-


Hi Ashish,

This forum request is assigned directly to our technical team to provide further details. So once the team is on their task to answer forum posts, this will be answered as well.

Thx and greetings



We have great news!

Starting with Wikitude SDK 8.6, and thanks to PendAR – augmented reality partner of Wikitude, developers can now use LBAR to create Geo-AR experiences in no time in Unity3D.

You can download the plugin from here.

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