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Object detected event

Hi Wikitude Support,


I have been working on your Wikitude SDK for Android(JavasScript API).

I created an Object Type project(SDK Version: 8.x) After that I added object target.




When my object is detected from the front, left and right images are viewing successfully.



But when my object detected from the side, left and right images still look to the front.




When I detected the object from the side, Can the images on the sides automatically rotate to me?

Best Regards

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Hi Kadir,

Currently we don't have a public API that would allow you to convert tracking augmentations to billboards. Unfortunately there is no other way to calculate the necessary rotations in the JS API. You would need to use our Native API SDK product to do this.

I added your request to our internal feature request list for review.

Best regards,
Andreas Schacherbauer

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