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New tracker efficiency mode - "energy efficiency" for recognition, "high accuracy" for tracking

Hi Wikitude Team,

With the last version of the SDK came a great option : the "trackerEfficiencyMode" which can be set to ENERGY_EFFICIENCY in order to lower the CPU demand from wikitude SDK, or to HIGH_ACCURACY in order to user more cpu and have better recognition and tracking.

Our users spend a lot of time with the phone at their hand, with the camera activated, pointing at object from time to time. The ENERGY_EFFICIENCY mode has a great potential in this use case, as our users could save a lot of battery. However when they point at objects, and when the AR magic happens, the quality of the tracking is not as good as with the HIGH_ACCURACY mode.

We think it would make sense to create a new mode that would :

- behave like the ENERGY_EFFICIENCY mode when trying to recognize targets.

- behave like the HIGH_ACCURACY mode when tracking and rendering AR.

Hope you can give it some thoughts,


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Any comment on this idea @wikitude ?

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