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What requiredFeatures are available?

I've run up the demo app from which has 2 worlds available.

In the code that calls WikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld() the first param is a path to an html file, and the second is for the requiredFeatures that should be an array of strings. The 2 demo use "ir" and "geo".

I'd like to create a new Object Recognition / tracking work, but am unsure what values I should use.

The doc here shows only one param (even though there are 5 expected according to my vscode)

Hi Todd,

I'm afraid that sounds very much like an issue that is specific to the Ionic starter app, which is not maintained by Wikitude directly. You will have to take up this issue  maintainers of the Wikitude Ionic starter app.

We do not have any in-house Ionic competencies, which is why we cannot offer support in that regard.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

Thanks for the quick reply. Maybe I was not entirely clear, and perhaps confused things by mentioning the Ionic demo.

In essence I'm looking for documentation on the cordova call into the loadarchitectworld method. The docs (as linked above) only show one parameter, but I believe there are 5 expected.

I can see this following line in your cordova plugins' file, but the docs do not match up.

WikitudePlugin.prototype.loadARchitectWorld = function(successCallback, errorCallback, architectWorldPath, requiredFeatures, startupConfiguration) {... }

I'm ideally looking for the value that I could pass into the requiredFeatures parameter.



Did you check our own Cordova Plugin sample app? You can find details on how to install / run the sample app here:

tThx and greetings


Yes I have. In it there is mention of "2d_tracking", "geo" ... so along with code I have from the Ionic demo I think there is also a suppoer "ir" value.

Do you have docs outlining these anywhere? 



We don't offer any other documentation than the standard technical Cordova Extension documentation and the according sample app. Any specific Ionic documentation and special handling is unfortunately not documented on our end.

Thx and greetings


OK, so digging further around in your plugin's code (WikitudePlugin.js in the Cordova plugin project) I have found this;

        this.FeatureGeo             = "geo";

        this.FeatureImageTracking   = "image_tracking";

        this.FeatureInstantTracking = "instant_tracking";

        this.FeatureObjectTracking  = "object_tracking";

        this.Feature2DTracking      = "2d_tracking";

Seems that the "object_tracking" would be the one I'm after in my use case.

Thanks for the quick replies, but It would also be great if the cordova docs could be updated to match the actual interface.

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It looks like our preview replies over-lapped. 

Just to be clear here, my use of Ionic in this instance does not come into play. The latest cordova docs are out of date and do not fully cover this method.

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