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Detect if back button is clicked


I am using the Ionic 3 with wikitude plugin and I was wondering if its possible to detect when the user clicks the back button to leave the ARchitectWorld? I noticed there is in the "WikitudePlugin.d.ts" 


 onResume(): void;
  onBackButton(): void;
  onPause(): void;

 how can I use those with my code here


startArworld(){ //start the AR world
      var startupConfiguration: any = {"camera_position": "back"};
          function(success) {
            console.log("ARchitect World loaded successfully.");
          function(fail) {
            console.log("Failed to load ARchitect World!");
          "www/assets/06_ObjectTracking_1_BasicObjectTracking/index.html",  // (2) if you have a GeoLocation World, use this
          ["geo"],  // (2) if you have a GeoLocation World, use this
      //setTimeout(()=>{ //stop audio after 2 seconds if not it will glitch



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Please have a look if any of these forum posts help:

In case none of these help, please contact the maintainers of the Wikitude Ionic starter app for further support. We do not have any in-house Ionic competencies, which is why we cannot offer support in that regard.



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