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imagetracking doesn't work.


I am building an app which needs to identify some image targets and produce 3D models as augmentation. I am doing it as documented in multiplesimultaneoustargets.js. However, the onImageRecognized is triggered and the model is identified, however, the 3D models as augmentation never appear. I have generated Wtc and wt3 as per specifications, from inside the wikitude studio under this account. I am attaching my project below with the target image. Please help. I am also including the image target mik.jpg in the compressed folder down below. 

(2.85 MB)
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From your 3D model it looks like the model is far above the plain. If you check the model in the 3D Encoder the wings are displayed way above the grid. As the grid represents the scanned surface, it might be that the model is displayed but you can't see it when scanning the image, as it's way outside the field of view of the scanned area. Can you please retry to reposition the model and make sure to follow the sample and instructions from the documentation?

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