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Rename WTO Instant Target

I'm using the Wikitude Unity samples for prototyping an application with multiple object targets. For this, I am using the Save Instant Target scene to scan and save multiple instant target WTO files, and upload them together under one target collection in the Wikitude Studio tool. Everything works perfectly well, except for the naming of the instant targets in the studio tool. Before uploading each WTO file, I rename each WTO file to a proper target name, but on uploading, each target simply says "InstantTarget_x". Due to this, even when I call the name of the target recognized in my application, it simply gives the same name, rather than a proper target name which I assigned to the file.

Could you please guide me on how can I easily change WTO instant target names?
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Thank you for your feedback. The wto name is actually stored inside the wto file and defined when saving the instant tracker (saveCurrentInstantTarget). Currently, there is no way of renaming a wto file via studio. We take your feedback into consideration.



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