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Question about camera quality on Android app

Hi there,

I'm still new with using Wikitude but I was wondering if there's a way to change the camera quality that I'm seeing while running a wikitude app on an Android phone. I've been playing around with some settings through Unity editor but the quality doesn't improve much. Even just running the sample scenes on my phone without changing any settings looks awful; the camera quality is blurry on my phone yet the live preview on unity looks perfectly fine. 

What can I do to improve the camera quality while running wikitude apps on my phone? Is there a specific setting that I haven't set? The best setting I could find is changing the game window from free aspect to 2960x1440 portrait 

Additional info: 

- Using the Image tracking sample scenes 
- Running Unity 2018.2.14, Wikitude SDK 8.2.0 and my Android device is a Huawei P20 Pro running Oreo 8.1

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The quality of the camera is controlled through the 'Camera Resolution' option in the 'WikitudeCamera' script. For InstantTracking scenes, this is set to SD, to improve performance, but you can switch it to FullHD, to see if that helps improve the camera quality.

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Now I'm having problems with the camera starting while on live preview. 

I have the mode set to remote camera, my phone has the unity remote app on and it is plugged in but the camera doesn't start or says 'invalid live preview texture' if I switch to a different mode. 

Can you tell me how to fix this?


Switching modes while the editor is in Play mode is not supported at the moment. This is probably why you are getting the error message.

As for the camera not starting at all, can you make sure that the remote app is working correctly and is properly connected to the editor? Do you see the Game window output mirrored on the device?

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I got it to work after rebooting my phone and starting live preview after opening the Unity Remote app and plugging in my phone once the app was running rather than leaving my phone plugged in all the time. I think I might have been switching between remote camera, static image and web cam too which made the error show up. 

Hello, I have the similar problem with video stream from camera on iPhone 6S.

I found these strings in WTWikitudePlugin.m:


NSString * const kWTWikitudePlugin_ArgumentCaptureDeviceResolution  = @"camera_resolution";
NSString * const kWTWikitudePlugin_captureDeviceResolution_SD_640x480 = @"sd_640x480";
NSString * const kWTWikitudePlugin_captureDeviceResolution_HD_1280x720 = @"hd_1280x720";
NSString * const kWTWikitudePlugin_captureDeviceResolution_FULL_HD_1920x1080 = @"full_hd_1920x1080";


How I can configure another resolution?

I use Cordova SDK.


for Cordova you will need to change the device resolution in the Objective C part of your application before you start the SDK.

[self.architectView start:^(WTArchitectStartupConfiguration *configuration) {
    configuration.captureDeviceResolution = WTCaptureDeviceResolution_FULL_HD_1920x1080;
} completion:^(BOOL success, NSError *error) {

Here's the corresponding reference for the StartupConfiguration class.


- Daniel

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