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Native lib crash


we're using your JavaScript API 8.2.0 and facing some crashes coming back and forth to the activity playing an animated 3D model. The crash occurs either we're waiting for the surface to load or kill the activity as soon as it's displayed. The model is correctly displayed.

However, we are not able to reproduce those crashes with an sample app we made (just the an activity embding an ArcthitectureView - without our app logic) nor with your SDK Samples.

You'll find attach 2 crash reports. They both occur on Nokia 7.1 and Google Pixel 3.

Is it a known issue ? Does a workaround/fix exist ?

(856 Bytes)
(30.9 KB)

does anyeone have some feedbacks about my problem explained in the previous post ?
Is more details required ? If so, what is it needed ?

Assumed to be fixed with the release of the 8.3 SDK version.


- Daniel

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