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Metal parts look grey


Could somebody help to check the attached model? I'm having problems with its rendering. The metal parts look completely grey and not metal, as expected.

What is the best approach to make the metal parts look more realistic?



(82.8 KB)
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Good morning Mateusz,

I'm afraid your options are quite limited when it comes to representing metals with the current rendering setup of the Wikitude SDK. What you would need, to achieve a "metally" look, is the material reflecting its surroundings. This is commonly achieved by a rendering technique called environment mapping, which we currently don't support.

Also, we are using the Blinn-Phong specular distribution for our highlights, which further limits your options. This distribution is isotropic in nature, meaning a brushed metal appearance is not possible either.

What you can do is set the specular colour of your metal surfaces to the same value as the diffuse/base colour of these surface. A distinguishing fact of metals is that they have specular highlights in their own colour, rather than the colour of the light source. You can also experiment with the specular exponent to hone in on the look you'd like to have (high for smooth surfaces, low for rough surfaces), but, other than that, your hands are tied within the current rendering setup we have.

- Daniel

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