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Doesn't work Wikitude Cordova sample on Monaca

Hello sirs,

Now I’m trying to build an AR app sample of Wikitude on Monaca.
Wikitude offers Cordova plugin sample on Github;

Import this sample in Monaca, and add some lines;

<platform name="android">
    <preference name="android-minSdkVersion" value="19" />

following this advice;

Also I refered this article;

then, I could build sample app on android successfully.
Now I could open main menu as follows;

But I cannot open each item even after click.
Somebody says there is difference between Cordova and Monaca in reading files,
so it needs to be revised that point. Is there anybody who knows about this difference,
or could use Wikitude Cordova plugin sample successfully?

Can I ask your advice?

Good morning,

since we do not officially support Monaca, I'm afraid I cannot provide any assistance. We only support plain Cordova and host a third-party implementation of ionic on our website.

Also, I've never even heard of Monaca until now and I'm pretty sure none of the other developers have either, so we don't have any expertise with it, I'm afraid.

- Daniel

OK thanks.

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