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Wikitude Titanium module Support

Hi there,

I just had some ( bad ) news regarding Wikitude and Titanium support.

"The last updated version of the Module is scheduled for January 2019. Our intent is to support Titanium for a limited time in order to allow for future planning. This means Wikitude will fix critical issues at its discretion until 01.06.2019"

Is this true ? It would have been nice to warn us !

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We have read the post on your blog ( regarding the disposal of the integration module for Titanium.

Will the module still be available although without support after the date of 1/6/2019 ?

Will there be the possibility to maintain the module inside our company? In other words, will we have the possibility to maintain the source code?

Hi Martin,

As customer of Wikitude you're entitled to ticketing support - this is why we created a ticket out of your post. One of my colleagues will get back to you soon.

Thank you

Wikitude support team

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