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3d model does not show animation

Hello Friends of Wikitude,

I will be working with the 3D Modelatgeolocation example.

I try to create a poi with a 3d animation that works correctly in Wikitude3dEncoder. But when seeing in camera view, the model has no movement. What are you doing wrong?

This is my code;

var World = {

 loaded: false,

 rotating: false,

 init: function initFn() {



 createModelAtLocation: function createModelAtLocationFn() {


   First a location where the model should be displayed will be defined. This location will be relativ to the user. 

   //(null, 5, 0, 2) 


  var location = new AR.RelativeLocation(null, 5, 0, -100);


   Next the model object is loaded.


  var modelEarth = new AR.Model("assets/arana3.wt3", {

   onLoaded: this.worldLoaded,

   scale: {

    x: 1,

    y: 1,

    z: 1





        var indicatorImage = new AR.ImageResource("assets/indi.png");

        var indicatorDrawable = new AR.ImageDrawable(indicatorImage, 0.1, {

            verticalAnchor: AR.CONST.VERTICAL_ANCHOR.TOP



   Putting it all together the location and 3D model is added to an AR.GeoObject.


  var obj = new AR.GeoObject(location, {

            drawables: {

               cam: [modelEarth],

               indicator: [indicatorDrawable]




 worldLoaded: function worldLoadedFn() {

  World.loaded = true;

  var e = document.getElementById('loadingMessage');







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for an animation of an AR.Model to be played, you need to create an AR.ModelAnimation object and call start() on it. I don't see this happening anywhere in the snippet you posted.

I'd recommend having a look at the 3D model animation samples, which we also provide with the sample app, or the corresponding JavaScript API reference page.

- Daniel

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