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Camera rendering flickering on iPad iOS 12

Unity Version: 2018.2.17f1

Wikitude vers: 8.2.0 (Trial or Demo license)

Device: iPad 6° gen (3 devices)

BUILD O.S.: iOS 12.0.1, iOS 12.1, iOS 12.1.1

Issue: Camera rendering is flickering in "Instant Tracking - Simple" example scene as attachments


(877 KB)
(818 KB)

3 people have this problem

please feedback?


Are you using Metal or OpenGL? Does the issue happen on other samples as well? Are there any error message printed in the Xcode console?

Thank you,


Hi Alexandru,

"Auto Graphics API" is flagged on iOS Player settings > Other Settings.

Do I change this setting?

No GPU error on Xcode console


"Auto Graphics API" should be fine. Do you get the same issue when running the example project from the download package directly?

Have you tried running on other iOS devices? Do you get the same problem?

Thank you,


I created new project just to test again by the following steps:

- New project in Unity 2018.3.0f2

- downloaded and imported Wikitude SDK from Wikitude website

- switched to iOS platform

- opened "Instant Tracking - Simple" example scene

- insert Wikitude Trial license

- build for iOS (player settings: Auto Graphics API: on, Set Camera Usage description, Architecture: Universal, iOS minimum:9.0, WikitudeSDK.framework added to embedded binaries)

- open XCode 10.1, signed with our app dev profile and Run on iPad 6° gen  (iOS 12.1.1)

See attachment for Result. It's intended in 3 different devices (iPad 6°gen iOS 12). 

Only iPhone 6S and sup or iPad Pro works correctly.

(806 KB)

This issue has slowed our work and the Demo license is going to expire in one day!!! 

Could you resolve it soon?


Can you please try the same steps as above, but without setting the trial license, and leaving it as it was already set in the project?

Thank you,


I did it. Same problem.

Attached screenshot.

How can I send you the  Unity project and BUILD for iOS?

(603 KB)


Can you please also set the Bundle Identifier to "com.wikitude.unityexample", so that the watermark ("App ID Mismatch") is gone? If that didn't work, can you please check the other samples, for example the "Plane Detection" sample, and see if that displays correctly?

Thank you?


I already demonstrated the license is not the problem (screenshots in posts above), if not other devices should show the same issue but they dont.

However please find in attachment screenshots with com.wikitude.unityexample id for scenes:

1) "Instant Tracking - Plane Detection" (SMART disabled/Plane detection enabled) --> No issue!

2) "Instant Tracking - Simple" (SMART enabled/Plane detection disabled,  configuration I need!) --> Same Issue!

May you try for double checking? 

I can even send you the project


First of all, these are the first screenshots that were posted without a watermark. The initial screenshots had the Trial watermark, and the last ones had the App ID Mismatch watermark on them. I knew it wasn't a trial issue, but I wanted to verify that watermark rendering wasn't interfering with the camera rendering.

Secondly, I did try it on multiple devices and iOS versions, but, as you also reported, this only happens on this specific device, which we don't currently have in the office. So the only I can debug the issue is to kindly ask you to try various things.

The only thing left to try is to disable Metal rendering by disabling the "Auto Graphics API" checkbox and removing Metal from the list.

Best regards,


I Apologize for misunderstanding, screenshots above don't contains demo license but I wrote about that test in first post.


I attached the screenshots for No Metal test as you suggested with no luck.

(21.2 KB)

Just another case: Scene "Instant Tracking - Scene Picking" with Auto Graphic API enabled

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