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3D Encoder does not correctly render semi-transparent components from StretchUp FBX model

In StretchUp Pro 2018 I create a model (see attachment) that has components with semi-transparent sides.

When I export this model into FBX and import into 3D Encoder it does not correctly render the opacity/transparency of the components in the model (see attached).

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?



Hi Mikey,

my apologies for the delayed reply. I checked your model using the Autodesk FBX reviewer and found it to be rendered correctly therein. Since there is a discrepancy between the reviewer tool and our SDK, I will treat this as an internal bug and file a ticket.

It seems to me the encoder rendering is just not transparent enough. Have you tried messing with the alpha values in SketchUp to check whether you can affect the opacity somehow?

- Daniel 

...this is how it comes out in the encoder.

yeah sure - fbx attached.


(186 KB)

Hi Mikey,

it should be able to handle transparency. The car model we're using in our samples does have transparent windows for example. Would it be possible to have the source FBX so I can have a look what's happening as it passes through the encoder?

- Daniel

anybody from wikitude able to confirm whether 3D encoder can handle transparency?

**correction SketchUp not StretchUp :)

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