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[Unity3D] Image Tracker arbitrarily change the position of others GameObjects


I have an unexpected behavior between GameObjects and the ImageTracker's Tracker.

At the start of application I draw some GameObject in the scene at specific coordinates (like POI objects) and it's ok. The objects remains in their position, while the camera change with the Gyroscope's attitude of the device. But when the Tracker recognizes a marker, the custom augmentation is perfectly shown and positioned, but all other "external" GameObjects change their position. In my script I also disable them on the callback event onTargetRecognized and enable them in the callback onTargetLost, I also reset their position but nothing change.
Why this happens? How can the Tracker have access to and modify the other GameObjects?

Thanks, for replying.


When a marker is recognized, the camera is moved and rotated in the scene so that the augmentation from the ImageTrackable lines up with the real marker.

If you'd prefer that the augmentation moves and the camera stays in place, please enable the "Static Camera" option in the WikitudeCamera inspector.

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Hi Alexandru,

thanks for the replying, yes I have noticed (with a lot of Debug.Log()) that the Camera was moved to be aligned with the real marker, but I don't know that is possible to avoid this with the Static Camera option.
This little info should be inserted into the documentation anyway.
Thank you so much!

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