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Dynamic content (3D Models, Images for AR tracking, etc.)

Hello, looking into using wikitude for our enterprise application build with Ionic and Cordova.

Is it possible to

  • Download assets at runtime such as 3d models for VR, and images for AR tracking, store them locally and use them at runtime?
  • Load 3d models and images for AR tracking via an URL without using your cloud services? 
We would like to offer our users DLC (Downloadable content), to keep our package size small.

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Hi Ryan,

both options are possible. The Wikitude SDK accepts URLs to both local and remote resources. For option one you would download the asset yourself (independent of the Wikitude SDK), store it on the device and simply pass the local URL to the Wikitude SDK. For option two you would pass an HTTPS URL to the Wikitude SDK and we would download the asset for you in the background automatically. You can host these remote assets wherever you like, Amazon S3 for example, as long as you can provide a direct download HTTPS URL to them.

As I'm no expert on Cordova/Ionic I can't speak about the requirements of such applications in terms of saving and accessing assets during runtime. But I image it's possible.

- Daniel

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