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Can't publish Google Play - ArCore is missing although the meta-data tag has been specified.


I've being working on a project using Image Recognition for a while and running on devices or installing apk worked just fine.

Now I'm trying to publish the app and the following message shows up when I try to upload the apk:

The ARCore dependency minimum version code is missing from the AndroidManifest.xml file although the meta-data tag has been specified.

The .aar file for ArCore is already inside Plugins/Android folder, but it doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas?


Hi Alberto,

If you only want to use ImageRecognition you don't need to add ARCore as dependency since we currently don't use it.

Best Regards,


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Hi Alex,
Thanks, actually I've realized then that I probably could delete the reference and everything should be fine, so I deleted the plugin from project and everything worked just fine.

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